Who Are We?

Kasity Marketing Sdn Bhd established since 1999. We started our operation as an importer and wholesaler of furniture accessories. Handles, knobs, baskets, tambour door and furniture accessories are our main products throughout the years.

We Are Aluminium Sliding Door & Aluminium Frame Supplier

Kasity Marketing Sdn Bhd is established in year 1999. Since our company’s establishment, we have been actively involved in the import and distribution of furniture accessories. Over the years of our business in the industry, our company have been supplying a wide array of products to different industries and these products are such as handles, knobs, baskets, tambour doors, aluminium sliding door, kitchen cabinet door, wardrobe sliding door as well as other related furniture accessories.

With our wide range of products supply, Kasity Marketing has become a renowned aluminium frame supplier and also a sliding door supplier. The aluminium material as well as other selections of materials that we have adopted in the making of our products is high in quality which brings forth assurance in durability and safety in use.

We believe only in providing quality and functionality furniture accessories. We grow and develop in our products as people’s lifestyle changes. This is to ensure that Kasity Marketing is always on the verge to supply value added products that is capable to enhance the lifestyle of individuals.