Tambour Door System

The tambor door system has long been developed even in the olden days of furniture making. Towards the advancement in furniture making, the tambor design which we offer now has a greater finishing and also comes in sophisticated design. The tambor door system which we developed comes in a combination usage of other materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. This enhances the overall effects and flexibility when in used.

The highly developed design and features of our tambour door system bring greater benefits in terms of space saving, smoother opening of gliding doors as well as minimal noise level. The sophisticated design of our tambour door system is highly impressive as it is made of high quality ABS material. This material is biodegradable, non toxic and safe to the environment as well. Kasity Marketing is always your friendly and expert sliding door supplier and aluminium frame supplier with our popular kitchen cabinet doors and wardrobe sliding doors. There is always something different and functional from our company.

Conventional System

  • The conventional design is specially designed to accommodate furniture for convenience of our clients. The shutter system operates by drawing its slats vertically from both front and back to balance it weights. This concept is especially suitable for light weight applications.

    • Custom made to all cabinet dimensions
    • Recommended dimension: (w) 600 x (h) 900
    • Weight balanced by door slats
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Modular System

  • With the advancement of tambour door, modular system offers genuine added values to your home and office. The modular system is recommended to be applicable for any medium to heavy-duty cabinets’ sizes. This marks the advancement of better living among the society with a preference for uniqueness from the rest.

    • The modular box comprisees of door slats and counter-balanced mechanism
    • Customized and made to measure systems
    • Heavy-duty fabrication up to a Max height of 2300mm, Max width of 1000mm
    • Elective weight of counter-balanced mechanism varying different door sizes
    • Counter-balanced mechanism, opposes the weight of the door to prevent slams
    • Door remains stagnated at desired position without retracting
    • Beautiful front line profile conceals exposed wooden edge
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Vertex System

  • Moving forward with innovation, horizontal guide systems are introduced to achieve wider variety of space-saving solutions. Vertex system design slats to wound up sideways, for the support of one side and double side closing.

    • Custom made to all cabinet dimension
    • Recommended dimension : (w) 2000 x (h) 1300
    • Front line attachment system
    • Flexible choice of single or double doors
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