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We started our operation as an importer and wholesaler of furniture accessories. Handles, knobs, baskets, tambour door and furniture accessories are our main products throughout the years.

Fifteen years ago, we have diversified to extrude quality aluminium profiles. The application dedicate for interior renovation for wardrobe and kitchen. Casement doors, Folding doors and different types of sliding doors are customized to create innovative and flexibility in both design and functionality.

Pole System or Open concept with flexible living style to suit individual design and functionality is another new innovation following the aluminium framed glass door. The system can be installed in wardrobe, living room, office, shop display and many other areas.

Components are modular and can be combined into all kinds of design to suit individual lifestyle, usage and functionality. It can be expandable or changes in designs on need.

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We like to listen from our respected clients. We have learned a great deal from listening carefully from them.