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Aluminium Framed Cabinet Door

Aluminium is widely recognized to have gifted a property that was made suitable for vast array of applications, ranging from construction to high technology industries.

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It's easy to customize, lightweight, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance and non-toxic fundamentals stimulates the growth and demand of everyday living.

Aluminium Framed Cabinet Door

The sleek design was created using a combination of innovative, hard-wearing materials including aluminium and glass unlocking the richness of electrophoretic aluminium. The framed cabinet door combines contemporary style are practicality for kitchen, wardrobe, drawer, bathroom, and office applications. Endless options enable acrylic and wood panels to combine with glass in the framework for a further attractive appearance.

Aluminium Profiles

Our in house designed profile outshines common surfaces with its superior electrophoretic finished. This process enables nodes to immerse in the emulsion to cover a layer of anodizing film on the surface of aluminium. The advantages are

  • Increase the life span of aluminium by three times.
  • Door does not occupy swing out space.
  • Stronger attrition, weather and alkali resistance.
  • Strong coating adhesion for surface effects.
  • Smooth and polished surface finish.

The coating effect process Pearl Silver and Stainless Steel finishes.

Aluminium Framed Cabinet Door Malaysia | Kasity Marketing